We’re going to the market, we’re going to the fair

..to see the senoritas with flowers in her hair!

Does anyone remember that old childhood rhyme? I forgot whether it was a hand clapping game or one where it was a bunch of kids dancing in a circle, but it included lyrics that went like “shake it shake it shake it, shake it all around..” My guess is that perhaps its the latter–a dancing in a circle type of game. ┬áThen that got me thinking, as a kid, I learned these little childhood games from my playground friends. Do kids still pass on games like this anymore or are these things now obsolete? Should I have written down these little playful games so they can be passed on? What do kids do now in the playground?

One tradition that we hope to continue with our kid(s) is to attend the annual San Diego Fair, formerly known as Del Mar fair. We took Kyla last year when she was about 6 months, and although it was fun, it wasn’t nearly as rewarding as it was this time around. Kyla curiously petted the cow, stared at the award winning bunnies and guinea pigs, thoroughly enjoyed some corn on the cob, bravely rode the pony, and shook it shook it shook it to some lively gospel music.