November Monthly Theme: Kyla the Hunter and Gatherer

This month is a reflection of everything that we are thankful for–from our health and the roof over our heads to our families and each other.  Especially each other. Including our 2 rugrat dogs.

Along with the things I’m thankful for, is this little Indian. This month, we decided to make a Kyla a teepee and a little Indian outfit. For the teepee, I followed Project Nursery’s No-Sew DIY Teepee tutorial here: However, instead of using PVC piping and wood-grain con-tact paper, we picked up 5 pieces of 8′ 1×1 pieces of wood and used them instead. We also drilled holes about 18 inches from the top of the wood pieces and inserted twine through them to keep it all together. We also did not use iron-on adhesives and let the fabric fall in place on its own.  I used whatever left over white wall paint to paint the bottom strip and acrylic paint to paint different shapes on the bottom of the teepee. I swear I took pictures of my DIY process, but 5 years after owning a MacBook Pro, I still can not figure out how to organize and find my pictures on this thing (anyone care to volunteer their time to help me? I’ll add you to my “thankful for” list -_-). Here’s the final product:


As for Kyla’s outfit, I found some patterned faux-suede fabric from Joann’s that was PERFECT for this outfit. I also picked up 1/3 yard of plain faux-suede fabric to make the fringe and her backpack. For the clever arrows, I used chopsticks and hot-glued some maroon cardstock pieces. We were missing the bow, but you get the idea! 🙂

Oh and the cute Minnetonka double fringe mocassins she was wearing? I found them used from another neighborhood mom for $15! They can also be found here:

IMG_3536 IMG_3489 IMG_3494 IMG_3514

From our family to yours: Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Wishing you a warm, healthy and happy time with your close family and friends and lots of good food to fill your bellies.

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